My iPhone Review

I’m writing my iPhone review fromy iPhone appropriately enough using the wordpress app. Overall I have to say that apple has knocked it out of the park with their combination of form factor, user interface and application framework. My iPhone has really become more of an Internet connected device, allowing me to do things like write this blog post and visit my favorite websites. Since I’ve had it I’ve been using about 7 megs a day from July 13th – 24th in data according to the internal usage stats. But what this means is that my battery life is totally horrendous, I end up plugging it into my car on my drive home to keep it from turning off, and today while using it a lot at a tradeshow I actually plugged it into my laptop for a little recharge. I suppose it might once again become just a phone at which point the battery life would once again be acceptable, but until then I’m waiting for an extended battery pack option to come out.

Another thing I’ve been happy with I’d call quality, it’s been ten times better than my last phone the Cingular 8525 by htc.

As for bugs I’ve had it reboot spontaneously a few times while trying to finish the installation of a couple apps. But that could be apple or the app maker since it didn’t happen with all of the apps.

One other feature I’d really like to see is full resolution photo uploads. I don’t use my phone as a music device since I use rhapsody for that so I don’t connect it to my computer often enough to make syncing with iPhoto convenient . If it weren’t for photos I don’t think of ever have to connect it for syncing.

Oh and one more bonus… I was able to setup access to my corporate email account without having to contact IT!

That’s my iPhone review after 10 days of fully addicted usage.

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